Nelson Mandela: 15 Life and Leadership Lessons

In our first StandOut conversation (happening in two weeks time) we're discussing Richard Stengel's book on Nelson Mandela. It explores fifteen life and leadership lessons. As a way of a taster for those of you who are still contemplating getting the book and signing up for the event, here are the fifteen lessons:

  1. Courage Is Not the Absence Of Fear
  2. Be Measured
  3. Lead from the Front
  4. Lead from the Back
  5. Look the Part
  6. Have a Core Principle
  7. See the Good in Others
  8. Know Your Enemy
  9. Keep Your Rivals Close
  10. Know When to Say No
  11. It's a Long Game
  12. Love Makes the Difference
  13. Quitting is Leading Too
  14. It's Always Both
  15. Find Your Own Garden

If you're worried you won't have time to read the book now, worry not! First, each of the sections are really short, making it a quick read. And second, even if you don't get to read it all (or even none of it) but would enjoy the conversation, you're still welcome to come along and join in.

See you in a couple of weeks!