All About Vox

How It All Began

Vox Sheffield was founded in October 2006 by Sam and Rachel Radford. Inspired by conversations with innovators and activists from around the world —specifically a new movement called Voxtropolis (“The City of Voices”)—Vox launched the first UK branch of Voxtropolis with the launch of a Vox Book Club.

The Book Club was just the start. Summer 2007 saw our first music and arts event, hosted at The Forum. Well over a 100 people showed up to enjoy live music and a fabulous blend of art, sculpture, photography, and more. And it was all done in aid of a great cause.

Vox Expands

Since then we have hosted regular music and poetry nights, established the Book Club as a thriving community of people meeting each month to discuss a diverse mix of fiction novels, and also birthed a improvised comedy group called Kaboodle Improv Theatre that regularly hosts and performs irresistible comedy shows. 

In 2013, Vox also held a monthly event called StandOut. This was a space for people to get together and converse around the themes of human potential, talent, creativity, and leadership. 

Making The World Human

Across all Vox events—both locally and globally—there is a common desire to make the world human. By celebrating creativity, provoking conversation, inspiring community, and igniting compassion, Vox exists to helps create a better, more human world.


Kaboodle Improv Theatre, formerly Monkey Butler Improv, is a Sheffield-based improvised comedy troupe dedicated to bringing the magic of improv comedy to Sheffield... and the world!

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